Polished cement floors provide an exceptional aesthetic. A well-executed polish is an affordable way to give your floors a facelift that enhances the appearance of your entire facility. Our micro-buffing process takes tired floors and chemically seals them for a denser, more durable body and gives them an attractive, non-slip finish in either glossy or matte.


Because of the porous consistency common to all concrete, an appropriate coating protects against the absorption of water and chemicals that might otherwise erode it. We use industrial-grade epoxy floor coating and a range of polymer methods like urethanes, aggregates, and methyl methacrylates to offer a smooth and highly resistant surface for your concrete.


For flooring that occupies high-traffic environments prone to severe wear-and-tear, a troweled overlay gives floors a built-in system for resistance to high-impact forces. We combine polymer resin with a variety of aggregates that defend against both physical and chemical damage. Our overlay solutions are environmentally friendly and can be customized for the needs of your specific environment and individual concerns.